Luthier Ken Bailey builds custom, high quality handmade acoustic guitars in his mountain side workshop. Ken and his wife Cherry, along with their dog Jackson enjoy living in the Asheville area.  Asheville offers great food, a wide variety of music and a melting pot of artistic energy.  As a musician, Ken enjoys a good jam session, playing music for fun with friends.    


Since 2003, we have supported dozens of students, from ages 15 to 92, to build their own unique guitar.  From steel string, classical, Bajo or a specialized 21 string harp guitar, Ken can facilitate most any design.  Do you love guitars? Looking for some different a creative retreat or learning vacation? This is the experience for you!





"Ken I was playing my (your) dreadnaught D-18 today and it occurred to me that I ought to tell you that I play it as often as my Martin OM (which I always thought the best guitar I have ever played). However, your guitar has mellowed a little, and now sounds even better than it did when it was in your shop. Anyway, this is just to let you know how much I love it and I play it almost every day. Thanks millions!" ~ Mickey

"Ken has always been fair and done excellent work. From my fixing and setting up my old beater guitar so I could keep playing shows, to helping me own a Bailey acoustic! Which I can't be more excited about! I recommend calling Ken if you are in need of any work on your guitar, or any instrument for that matter, or are in the market for a custom, hand built instrument." ~ Adam


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